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Top Rated Walking Shoes Vs Best Running Shoes

Two of the best ways to be active, stay fit, and to lose weight are by walking and running. Whether you’re a walker or a runner you need the best sports shoes for your chosen activity. But what’s the difference between top rated walking shoes and the best running shoes?

Your body reacts differently when performing different activities such as walking and running. To properly support your body and reduce injury, there consequently needs to be a difference between walking and running shoes.  

The best running shoes are lightweight to enhance performance. And they are cushioned to absorb impact. Walking shoes on the other hand, should provide traction and flexibility. These qualities of walking shoes allow you to walk on different surfaces without slipping.

Difference Between Walking And Running Shoes

Best running shoes

Exercise is important for health, fitness and well-being. It also helps people to get rid of abdominal fat and lose weight. When exercising it’s always important to wear the correct sports shoes for the activity to be performed.

The difference between walking and running shoes is that they support your feet and the rest of your body in different ways. Wearing the correct sports shoes helps to prevent injuries, reduce existing pain, and helps to enhance your performance.

If you’re a runner your body absorbs up to 3 times your body weight every time your foot hits the ground. To protect your body and prevent injury, you should only run in the best running shoes that you can afford!

The best sports shoes for running are well cushioned. The cushioning helps to lessens the shock to your body on impact with the ground. This helps to prevent injury to your feet, knees and back. Choosing the best running shoes for your individual requirements will also improve your performance.

If you are a walker, you absorb shock on impact more evenly through your feet and legs. Wearing top rated walking shoes will prevent slipping and enable you to walk over different terrain. The correct walking shoes will offer a smooth stride to help you to walk further with less pain.

As you can see there’s a difference between walking and running shoes. Wearing the correct sports shoes reduces the demands the exercise places on your body. When you wear the appropriate shoes for your chosen activity, you’ll get more enjoyment from your activity.

Best Running Shoes

The best running shoes are lightweight as this helps you to run faster. Running shoes should have tops made of mesh as this makes the shoes lightw

eight. The mesh also allows air to flow through the shoes to cool your feet while you build up a sweat.

Quality running shoes have heavy cushioning in the heel and toe areas. This absorbs shock on impact as you pound the road or pavement. The cushioning helps to prevent injuries by reducing the impact to your joints, muscles and bones.

Plush cushioning is even more important if you have low back pain or bad knees, as it helps absorb shock and lessen the pain. The cushioning also helps return energy back to your feet to help propel you forward.

Good running shoes have an elevated heel to promote forward motion and enhance bounce and push-off. The heel should have a thick wedge to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption.

The best running shoes allow a smooth transition from the heel to the toe. A smooth transition helps to keep you moving naturally and comfortably. This will help to improve your running performance.

Qualities Of Top Rated Walking Shoes

Brisk walking is one of the best ways to lose weight! Good quality walking shoes that fit your feet properly, will keep you walking happily for hours without blisters. Walking shoes should be flexible as this helps to provide a smooth walking motion. The flexibility also allows you to walk on different surfaces types without slipping.

Look for comfort when buying walking shoes. Walking shoes should provide padding that contours to your feet to give you a snug fit. Avoid shoes with memory foam. Although memory foam feels comfortable, the quality, support and durability can be poor in some shoes.

Unlike running shoes, top rated walking shoes should have a flat heel. Chose a shoe with the least height difference between the heel and the sole under the ball of the foot. The heel shouldn’t flare out at the back or at the sides. Flared heels will prevent your foot from rolling smoothly from your heels to your toes as you walk.

Sports Shoes For Different Foot Conditions

Your feet are important for your overall health and well-being. They form the foundation of your body. Your feet are responsible for your stability when standing and for your mobility. Healthy feet will help you to be fit by staying active. Sore feet on the other hand, will limit your activity levels making you sedentary.

Feet come in different widths and sizes and some people experience painful foot issues. Other people have orthopaedic conditions which affect their bones or joints when exercising. While others require orthotic inserts to prevent injuries, or to reduce pain to their feet, joints or body.

Regardless of whether you’re a walker or a runner, it’s important to care for your feet. Different sports shoes work different sets of bones and muscles in your body, so wear appropriate sports shoes when exercising. Care for your particular foot conditions by wearing sports shoes that cater to your specific needs.

Choosing the correct sports shoes for your particular foot conditions is important for your performance and comfort. It’s even more vital if you suffer from foot issues, muscular pain, joint pain or body pain.

Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, wearing sports shoes that are too tight could result in your feet swelling up. Wearing shoes that are too small or too tight can harm your feet over time. Deformities such as bunions, calluses, crossover toes and hammer toes could develop.

To protect your feet, purchase running or walking shoes for wide feet that have a stretchy, unstructured mesh upper. The mesh gives your forefoot plenty of space to breathe and stretch. Choose shoes with a wide toe box as this helps to stabilize your feet. Sports shoes with ample cushioning will help with shock absorption and reduce the incidence of injury.

Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, your feet won’t offer your body as much stability as arched feet. As a result, your body’s muscles are forced to compensate for your feet’s lack of stability. You’re therefore at risk of developing chronic muscle strain.

Some other issues that people with flat feet experience is pain along the inner side of the feet and arches. Pain in the heel, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain are also common. Wearing appropriate running or walking shoes for flat feet can help to minimize these problems.

Flat footed people need quality walking shoes or the best running shoes that offer arch support and heel stabilization. Sports shoes with good arch support or custom-made insoles will provide some relief for your feet, legs or back pain. Purchase sports shoes that offer a spacious fit. Sports shoes should have a wide platform with straighter lasts to allow your feet more contact with the midsole.

High Arches

If you have high arches, you’ll tend to place excessive weight on the balls and heels of your feet. This causes abnormal stress on the soft tissues of your feet and to your lower leg area. As a result, you could be at risk of pain and cramping in the ball of your foot. Your ankles could also become unstable due to a lack of balance. This could result in twisting, tripping, and ankle sprain.

Feet that have high arches don’t tend to absorb shock on impact with the ground. This sends shock waves up through your body which can result in pain to your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back areas. Purchase sports shoes that are well cushioned to help with shock absorption.

The best running or walking shoes for high arches should help relieve pain and improve your performance. Footwear should have a deep heel cup to keep your whole foot supported. Purchase sports shoes that don’t bend easily and that offer ankle support to reduce the probability of ankle sprain.

Your sports shoes should offer good arch support and conform to the contours of your feet. If your shoes lack arch supports, add supportive insoles to help give you proper arch support.

Pronated Feet

If your feet tend to overpronate after impacting the ground, you’ll need top rated walking shoes or running shoes that offer stability. Overpronation means that your feet roll excessively inwards on impacting the ground. This causes your ankles to appear to bend inward.

If your feet overpronate, then you may experience pain in your heel, or in your foot arch. Overpronated feet can also cause shin splints, knee, hip, or lower back pain.

To minimize overpronation and reduce pain, choose running or walking shoes for pronated feet that have a dense midsole for arch support. Sports shoes should have stiffer soles. This helps with motion control and helps stabilize your feet. These elements work together to position your feet properly when walking or running.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is heel pain that is caused by inflammation to the ligament of the sole of your foot. It’s most commonly caused by repetitive strain injury from excessive running, or walking. Plantar fasciitis can also be caused by landing incorrectly on your feet after jumping.

Wearing inadequate footwear or overused shoes can make your plantar fasciitis worse. To avoid heel pain, wear shoes that are appropriate for plantar fasciitis. These should shoes have proper arch support, cushioning, and a deep heel cup to keep your whole foot supported.

Wearing the proper running or walking shoes for plantar fasciitis condition can transform your life! You’ll go from wearing pain-inducing shoes to wearing comfortable shoes that will enable you to stay active through exercise.

Get The Right Sports Shoes For The Best Fit

Wearing top rated walking shoes or the best running shoes are required for women who love staying active or who want to lose weight. Regardless of whether you’re a walker or a runner, you need the best shoes for your requirements. This is especially true if you struggle to stay in stride due to body pain when exercising.

Foot, knee, or back pain can make it difficult to exercise and this can be compounded if you don’t wear the correct shoes. It’s therefore important to care for your feet and body by wearing appropriate sports shoes for your individual requirements.

As discussed, there is a difference between walking running shoes! If you’re at a loss as to the best sports shoes for your needs, head to your nearest technical shoe store. A technical shoe store employs shoe experts who will help you to buy the correct shoes for your special needs.

Shoe experts study your feet, and they’ll do a free digital foot analysis to determine your gait. They will help steer you to the right kind of shoes and insoles for your particular requirements. When you get expert advice, you’ll end up with the right sports shoes for the best fit!

Wearing the correct sports shoes for your needs will ensure your comfort when exercising. The right shoes will reduce injury and pain while improving your performance. Wearing quality sports shoes increases your enjoyment of your chosen sport. This in turn helps to keep you healthy and active!

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