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Good Healthy Habits Of Happy Moms!

Do you envy happy moms? You know the ones that have those smiling kids that are as neat as a pin. I bet you think that for those moms everything just falls into place. But there’s a secret to being happy in life and having a happy home. And that’s to establish good healthy habits of happy moms!

Good Healthy Habits Of Happy Moms

Looking after your family is hard work! There are times when you enjoy the moments that you spend together. And there are times when it all seems to be too much. To be happy in life it’s important to establish good healthy habits of happy moms.

Establishing healthy habits can be life changing! Habits are performed automatically without us having to think about them. When we establish healthy habits, our lives move into autopilot.

Everyone performs what’s required of them without having to think about what they need to do. An example of this is brushing your teeth. You don’t have to think about it, you just do it!

To reduce occurrence of problems and stress in your life, embrace the good healthy habits of happy moms. The good news is that it’s never too late to introduce these healthy habits into your life. Grasp hold on these habits and within no time, you too will enjoy the benefits of a joyful family life.

1. Ask For Help

Parenting is difficult! It shouldn’t be a thing that you do on your own. If you have a partner, ask for help with looking after the children and with chores. One of the best habits of happy moms is to establish a schedule which lays out which chores each person will do.

Chores that you may consider sharing include things like preparing meals, doing the laundry, or bathing the baby. Other chores include washing the car, mowing lawns, or dropping the kids off at day care.

Schedule these chores around work commitments and other things that are important to each of you. Don’t forget to schedule in some free time for both of you around your work and other duties.

It’s best to establish a parenting and chore schedule as soon as possible. Having a fair schedule helps everyone to be happy in life. A good schedule is flexible and can change as circumstances change.

Schedules help avoid frustrations and endless discussions as to each person’s tasks. Once you get into the rhythm of the schedule, both you and your partner will get your important things done. Then both of you will be able to enjoy quality time with your children.

If you are a single mom, turn to the people that you trust for help. This can be your parents, relatives, or friends. Ask them for help with baby-sitting, picking up children from school, or other activities.

2. Spend Time Out Doors

Getting outside into the sunshine and fresh air is good for your state of mind and it’s great for your children too. Fresh air, sunlight, and nature can enhance your mood and lift your spirits. Just don’t forget to put on some sunscreen!

Being outside gets everyone away from electronic screens and gadgets. It gives your kids the opportunity to run around and work off steam. Concentrate on your kids and having fun with them. Play chasing games, ball games, push swings or watch them play in the park.

Walk around the neighborhood, and get your kids to collect leaves, or pebbles for a future collage activity. If your child is in a stroller, this will give you an opportunity to get some exercise. Going for a brisk walk while pushing your baby stroller will help with losing weight after baby’s birth.

3. Plan Fun Activities

Fun activity water-fight

To be happy in life you need to plan fun activities. Plan an outing that your family would enjoy. This could be a day at the beach, national park, or cinema.

Think of other enjoyable activities that you could do as a family. Fun activities could include building sand castles, going on a hike, riding bikes, playing board games, or watching the sunset.

An annual family vacation is always a great way to get away from everything for a while. Get the whole family involved in picking where they want to go. If you’re on a reduced income or a single income, finding the money for a vacation can be difficult, so think of alternatives.

If you can’t afford a holiday use your imagination to find other possibilities. Kids love camping, so consider this as a cheaper option than going to a holiday resort. If going camping isn’t possible, set up a tent in the backyard, or in a bedroom. You could even use sheets or blanket to set up a make-shift cubby house under the dining table.

For a different activity, pack a picnic lunch, grab a blanket and go outside into the back yard. Find a shady tree and enjoy your picnic with the kids. My kids loved having picnics in our backyard. Your kids will love it too!

Turn boring tasks into fun activities. Make uninteresting everyday jobs such as going shopping, going to the doctor, or putting toys away into enjoyable activities. Do this by having a treat ready for your children for when the task’s completed. Make putting toys away more fun by making it into a competition, or play the “I spy with my little eye” game when shopping.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

When you are busy with dirty diapers, cleaning food off the floor and calming a crying baby, it’s easy to become harassed. When you’re stressed or time-poor, ordering in meals, or picking up take-away food seems like the easiest option.

If you are interested good nutrition, or in losing weight after having a baby, then you need to eat healthy foods. Most foods that you don’t prepare yourself contain loads of fat, sugar and/or salt. The best option is to prepare quick, easy meals that consist of fresh healthy foods.

Grilled fish is a great choice for time poor moms who want to lose weight. Other easy to prepare low fat and low sugar meals revolve around making salads and using fresh vegetables. You’ll find many easy to prepare healthy meals on the internet.

Another good healthy habits of happy moms is to never totally deprive yourself of the foods you love. Just eat them in moderate amounts and only on an occasional basis. If you eat healthy foods most of the time, you’ll feel good, look great, and have more energy to look after your family.

5. Losing Weight After Baby

Losing weight after baby with Exercise

Happy moms are active moms! When you are tired and stressed, the last thing that you’d want to do is to exercise. But to be happy and healthy in life you should exercise regularly.

Exercise improves your mood, health and well-being while giving you more energy. It boosts endorphins which help reduce stress. When you exercise you’ll feel at ease and more relaxed.

Regular exercise will help you burn belly fat. Exercise such as brisk waking helps with losing weight after having a baby. You’ll then be able to return to your pre-pregnancy weight within a few months instead of a year.

Some moms find it difficult to exercise when they have their children around. Don’t use this as an excuse. Because one of the best habits of happy moms is to get your kids to exercise with you.

This will help your children to learn that exercise can be fun. Children that enjoy exercising will enjoy an active lifestyle as they grow up.

If you don’t like to exercise try dancing. Music and dancing reduce stress, lifts your mood and makes you feel alive. Toddlers and babies love music and dancing to a rhythmic beat.

Dancing regularly with your children is a fun activity that your children will love. It simultaneously helps you bond with your children and lose weight! There are plenty of exercise and dance DVD’s that you can buy that will help you and your toddler exercise together.

If you can get away from your children, join a gym and use their treadmills. If you can’t afford a gym membership, go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Brisk walking is one of the best ways of losing weight after having a baby.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Being sleep deprived is a recipe for disaster. The majority of adults need between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, that includes YOU! The sooner you get your children into a good sleep routine, the happier you’ll be!

To prevent sleeping difficulties:

  1. Ensure that your children have a regular bedtime routine. This means that your children should go to bed, and wake up at the same time each day.
  2. Help them to relax before bedtime. They can do this by reading, coloring in or listening to soft music.
  3. Make sure your child feels safe give them a hug or tell a bedtime story. Allow children to take a soft cuddly toy to bed, or to clutch onto a security blanket. Avoid exposing them to scary movies, stories or video games as these can result in nightmares. If your child is scared of the dark a night light might be reassuring.
  4. If you have time, give your child a relaxing massage as this is very relaxing and reassures your child of your love.
  5. Check the noise and light levels in your child’s bedroom. Make sure there is as little light and noise as possible by turning off the lights and electronics in the bedroom. And turn down the T.V to reduce the amount of outside noise penetrating your child’s bedroom.

7. Spend Time With Your Partner

You’re a woman, not just a mom. Yes, your kids come first most of the time. But just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you don’t have any other needs. To be happy in life you need to be loved, appreciated and secure within your relationships.

To continue to have a strong relationship with your partner, it’s important to spend some quality time together. So, book yourself a babysitter and plan some special date nights with your partner. Being in a loving relationship with another adult will make you feel happy and secure. And when you’re happy, your children are happy too!

8. Spend Time On Yourself

Being there of your children and family 24/7 isn’t noble, it’s tiring. When you’re tired, you become irritable. When you’re irritate, life isn’t fun for you or for anyone around you. One of the best habits of happy moms is to have some “me time”.

The easiest way to ensure you get “me time” is to schedule it into your week. If you don’t do this, you’ll forget to do it. Enlist the help of your partner, parents, or friends to look after the children for a period of time. Then spend that time on yourself learning to love yourself by doing things that you enjoy.

Find something that you enjoy and do it! Use your time to distress with a cup of matcha tea while reading a novel. Or enjoy your “me time” by taking a soothing bath, getting a facial, or going to the hairdresser. When you spend some time on yourself without any responsibilities you come back refreshed, all ready for any parenting challenges.

If you’re a single mom, find time when the kids are sleeping or playing on their own to do things that you enjoy. Leave the dishes, the laundry, etc, and take some time to do the things that you enjoy. When you have some “me time”, your happiness levels and the happiness of your family life will increase.

9. Encourage Independent Play

Playing with your children is an enjoyable part of being a parent. Spending time playing with you children shows them that they are important to you and that you love being with them.

Playtime gives you the opportunity to teach your kids skills in a fun way. From an early age, give your children interactive toys and activities that involve cognitive development, or hand and eye coordination. These types of activities are great for their learning and development.

During playtime teach children about colors, shapes, patterns, numbers, measurements and how to use their imagination. Encourage them to play with puzzles, logo bricks, building blocks, craft, and other similar activities.

Additional activities to teach your children include reading and story-telling. Teach them how to use their imagination to play with toys such as farm animals, motor vehicles and dolls.

While playing with children is great for bonding , children shouldn’t have to rely on you to keep them entertained. To be happy in life, your children need to learn how to be independent. That means that you need to teach them how to play on their own.

You do this by helping your kids to develop a love for using their imagination, building things, doing craft activities, and for reading. They will then play happily on their own without having to resort to their iPad or with other electronic devices.

When your children can occupy themselves, then you’ll be free to do other things. This will give you time to recharge your batteries or to tackle chores.

Give your children your undivided attention regularly so that they know that they are important to you. But teach them to be independent. Being independent helps them to cope with life as they get older!

10. Learning To Love Yourself

To be truly happy with life you need to love yourself as you are now. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, or employee.

Your kids don’t want a perfect mom. They want a mom who smiles and laughs, who loves them and hugs them. Your children want a mom who makes time for them and prefers fun over perfection!

Yes, there are things that you could improve on such as your fitness, your diet and your education. But to be truly happy you need to accept yourself, the way you are today.

Learning to love yourself as you are at this moment in time, will help you take better care of yourself. You’ll then be more motivated to eat healthy foods.

When you love and accept yourself you’ll be more likely to be interested in losing weight after baby. You’ll be more inclined to make time to exercise and pamper yourself. Learning to love yourself as you are now will make you a more confident woman.

When you love yourself, you’re able to relate to other people without greed or spite. You’ll be free to set yourself realistic expectations and learn to focus on the important things in life. This results in you being happy with life, and your children and family will be the winners.

11. Set Rules And Boundaries

Many parents think that they spend quality time with their children. If you don’t really listen to your children, or have fun with them, then you aren’t spending quality time.

Your children need to know that you love them. When they’re young, they need you to hug them, kiss them, and tell them that you love them. They need you to spend time teaching them new and wondrous things.

But to be happy in life children also need to have clear, age appropriate rules that they can follow. Rules and boundaries help to keep your children safe; they also make children feel secure.

Children need to know the rules and boundaries and the consequences that result from not following these. For example a rule could be when they play on their toboggans they must always wear their helmets. The consequence could be that they won’t be allowed to play on them if they don’t wear safety gear.

When children have rules, they know what they can and can’t do. They know what’s dangerous, and the difference between right and wrong. Children that grow up with rules adjust better at school and in the outside world.

12. Set Responsibilities

To grow into responsible adults, children need to be given suitable responsibilities. Young children love to help! They will happily help you with any task from tiding up toys, making their bed, to stirring cake batter. Allowing them to help you around the house, teaches them valuable life skills.

As your children become older you can set them skill appropriate tasks and responsibilities. An example would be to make their bed, keep their room tidy, or to feed the cat. Kids sometimes forget to do their chores. Don’t get upset with them, just give them a gentle reminder.

If you can afford it, give your children pocket money for the jobs that they complete. This is their money which they should be allowed to spend on whatever they want. Giving children pocket money presents you with a great opportunity to teach them how to use it responsibly.

For example, teach them how to save for something that they want. Help them choose a low-cost item that they want. Something that they could afford to buy if they save up their pocket money for 3 to 4 weeks.

Having their own pocket money will teach your kids the value of money. They’ll learn that money “doesn’t grow on trees”, but that they have to work for it. Your kids will learn how to save money for the things that they want. Take this opportunity to teach them to bank their money rather than to always spend it.

Allowing children to be responsible for the competition of tasks helps them to become independent. Giving them the opportunity to earn, save and to spend their own money will help them understand the value of money. Responsible children grow up to be happy, well-adjusted and independent adults.

13. Enjoy It Now

Sometimes when things are tough, moms can feel stressed or overwhelmed. Stress quickly builds when your baby won’t sleep, when your kids mess up the house, or when your child is throwing a tantrum. When these things occur, you could easily become depressed and think that all the trauma will never end.

But let me assure you that all this will change as your children grow. You will then face other challenges associated with having teenagers. The best way to cope with the things that go wrong is to find the bright side. Try to find something funny in every difficult situation. Laughing reduces stress, and when you laugh, your kids will laugh along with you.

Life with children has its ups and downs. To be happy in life, focus on all the good things about being a mom. Focus on all the hugs and kisses and the cute things your children do every day. Enjoy it now because as they grow, all these great moments will also come to an end.

Each stage of your children’s life will have its joys and its challenges. Enjoy it now, because all too soon they’ll move out of home and go to live their own lives!

Learning to love yourself is to be happy in life

Do you have any other habits of happy moms that you would like to share?

I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments or thoughts at the end of this post.

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