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Tasty Foods To Lose Belly Fat!

Forget restrictive diets! Many people think that you need to eat bland, unpalatable foods to lose belly fat. This isn’t the case at all. The fastest way to burn belly fat is by eating tasty, healthy waist-slimming foods!

Healthy slimming foods and teas are superior when it comes to burning belly fat. These tasty foods and drinks boost your metabolism and increase your ability to burn calories. Combine these slimming foods with a fat and sugar reduced diet. Add in a simple exercise routine and you’ll have a winning waist-reducing combo.

Keep reading if you want to find out which tasty, healthy foods help you to lose belly fat. Add these slimming foods to your grocery list and in no time at all you’ll trim those excess inches off your waistline!

1.    Whole Grains

Many diet plans tell you not to eat carbohydrates as they are fattening. But that’s only half the story! Complex carbohydrates are some of the best foods to lose belly fat. Foods such as fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, wheat, quinoa, barley, millet, and sorghum, are fantastic waist slimmers.

Simple carbohydrates, also known as refined carbs, on the other hand, are linked with weight gain. Refined carbs include foods that contain white flour, white rice and/or sugar. The main dietary sources of refined carbs are white bread, white rice, pasta, cakes, pastries, sodas, snacks, cookies, sweets and many breakfast cereals.

These are the carbohydrates to avoid when wanting to lose weight as they increase blood sugar and insulin hormones. When you eat refined carbs your blood sugar quickly rises. Your insulin hormones then signal your body to store calories as fat.

Unlike refined carbs, complex carbohydrates are burned slowly by your body. The slower your body burns food, the more stable your blood sugar and insulin levels. When you eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grains your body stores less fat.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are great foods to lose belly fat! They are packed with fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Whole grains give you the energy to get through your day. They also counter-balance the salt in your system and reduce belly bloat.

When dieting never skip meals especially breakfast. Eating breakfast starts up your metabolism to burn fat. One of the best foods to lose belly fat is oatmeal because it’s bursting with fiber.

Fiber fills you up which helps to reduce snacking. Eating oatmeal for breakfast will help you avoid the need to snack on sugar and fat loaded foods later in the morning.

2.    Lean Proteins Burn Belly Fat

Calorie rich fatty and sugary foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle make you fat! To lose weight, cut down on these kind of foods by substituting fatty foods with lean proteins.

Proteins help you slim down by boosting satiety hormones. When you feel full, your hunger levels are reduced. When hunger pangs subside, you automatically eat less calorie loaded foods.

Another way that proteins can help with weight loss is by building muscle mass. Proteins when combined with exercise help you build more muscle mass. The larger your muscle mass, the more calories you’ll burn.  

Animal proteins include fish, skinless chicken, lean meats, eggs and milk. Deep water fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines have high levels of protein, vitamins and omega-3. These compounds help to reduce inflammation and regulate hormones. Salmon in particular can help regulate your mood and reduce the stress that results in overeating.

Animal protein contains fat whereas plant-based protein has minimal fat and fewer calories. Plant based proteins include broccoli, avocado, legumes, spinach, soybeans and apricots.

To lose weight and burn belly fat eat a high-protein breakfast every day. Breakfasts that are high in protein have been linked to weight loss because they’re filling. When you feel full, you won’t be inclined to snack on sugary or fatty foods come mid-morning.

3.    Leafy Greens

One of the best foods to lose belly fat are green salad leaves and vegetables. Leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, arugula, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower are very low in calories.

These slimming leafy green superfoods are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep you feeling full. Fiber aids in keeping your body’s insulin levels low. This means that your body will store less fat. Leafy greens also contain potassium, which can help offset the bloating effects of too much sodium.

Eat leafy greens raw, plain or steamed. Don’t add butter, mayo, or cheesy sauces as these are high in fat content and result in weight gain.

A small salad of leafy greens either before or with your meal will fill you up. This way a smaller portion of food will satisfy your hunger without the need for seconds. Eating smaller food portions helps you lose inches from your waistline!

4.    Pulses And Legumes

Want to know which other tasty foods help you lose belly fat? To burn belly fat eat pulses and legumes such as peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. Pulses and legumes contain antioxidants, fiber, plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals.

These nutrients counterbalance sodium which causes belly bloating. They also help bring more oxygen to your blood cells. Oxygen is required to burn calories. So, the more oxygen you have in your bloodstream, the more efficiently your body burns belly fat.

Overall, pulses and legumes help you burn belly fat by helping you build lean muscle mass. The more muscle mass you accumulate, the more calories you burn. And the more calories you burn the slimmer you become.

Pulses and legumes also contain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber promotes good bacteria in the gut, which lowers belly bloat. To eat more pulses and legumes simply add them to soups, stews, salads, and side dishes.

5.    Berries Burn Belly Fat

Berries are one of my favorite treats! I think berries are the best foods to lose belly fat because they are sweet yet contain less sugar and calories than other fruits. Berries are sweet, yet tarty. I love them because they taste great and satisfy my sweet tooth.

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries and grapes, fresh or frozen you’ll enjoy eating them. Berries are full of nutrients and fiber which help to fill you up so they reduce hunger.

They contain antioxidants that improve blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your muscles. Berries also have a high vitamin C content. This helps you to lose even more weight when exercising.

Burn belly fat and give your taste buds a treat! You can easily do this by swapping unhealthy foods such as sugary calorie loaded foods with berries.

6.    Citrus And Fruit

Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, lime, and lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C. Other fruits that have a high vitamin C content include cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya, watermelon and berries.

Studies have shown that people burn up to 30% more fat when they exercise after consuming foods that are high in vitamin C.

Citrus fruits are also high in potassium which helps combat belly bloat. The antioxidants help to fight inflammation that is responsible for the storage of fat around your mid-section.

For a trimmer belly, add these colorful fruits to smoothies, main meals and salads. You can juice them or eat them on their own.

7.    Slimming Salads

Tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, carrots, radishes, capsicums, peppers and herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals. These colorful, tasty superfoods are very low in calories so you can eat them anytime you want.

Salads contain water and fiber that help fill you up. They’ll help you stay hydrated and can help offset fluid retention caused by too much salt in your diet.

8.    Nuts And Seeds

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, and seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds are great foods to lose belly fat. Nuts and seeds are rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats stop the blood sugar spikes which are responsible for the storage of fat around your belly.

Studies have found that people who snack on nuts and seeds have lower belly fat than those that snack on foods made from refined carbs. Seeds and nuts are packed with nutritious minerals. They are high in fiber and vegetable protein so they fill you up, and reduce hunger pangs.

Whenever you’re feeling hungry, grab a handful of nuts or seeds. The monounsaturated fats, protein, and fiber will fill you up and control your cravings. When you have those cravings under control, you can then succeed at losing weight.

10. Yogurt And Fermented Foods

Good gut health is essential for weight loss. Yogurt and fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut and tempeh, contain probiotics. Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria that help boost immunity, regulate gut function, and are associated with lean body weight.

Yogurt and fermented foods help to stabilize insulin which stores blood sugar as fat. They also reduce blood sugar spikes that induce hunger.

11. Prebiotic Filled Vegetables

Some other foods that help you lose belly fat include prebiotic-filled vegetables. These include foods such asparagus, savoy cabbage, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, onions, shallots, spring onions, leeks, and chives.

Prebiotic-filled vegetables act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of healthy, weight reducing bacteria in the gut. These foods don’t only help you lose belly fat, but add lots of flavor to your meals. Favorable tasty foods help to keep you satisfied which in turn reduces cravings.

Add these great vegetables to soups, pastas, salads and omelettes, or serve them as a side dish.

12. Avocados And Olive Oil

Avocados and oils such as olive and canola oil are healthy foods to lose belly fat. They contain healthy mono-saturated fats which create that “full” feeling.

When you feel full and satisfied you don’t feel the urge to eat unhealthy, processed or fatty foods. This helps you to lose weight and slim down your waistline.

Mono-saturated fats help stop blood sugar spikes which are responsible for storing fat around your midsection. They also assist your body to absorb carotenoids which helps fight off cancer.

To ensure successful weight loss, make sure to limit your consumption of deep-fried and battered foods. Deep-fried foods and battered foods are full of fat and are associated with weight gain. Reduce how often you eat these foods as they are loaded with calories.

13. Skinny Teas

There are many skinny teas that can help you burn belly fat. Skinny teas include green, white, black and delicious red teas.

Based on natural ingredients, skinny teas help to boost your metabolism to burn more calories. Green tea, especially matcha tea contains the compound ECGC and caffeine which burns belly fat.

Alcohol and sodas are very high in calories. Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners that result in weight gain. For successful weight loss, swap high calorie sweet drinks, diet drinks and alcoholic drinks with skinny teas. Your body will thank you!

Summary: Tasty, Healthy Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Sugar, synthetic sweeteners, fatty foods, processed foods, refined foods, sugary drinks and alcohol are the major elements that result in weight gain. If you want to succeed at losing weight and burn belly fat, reduce these elements in your diet.

Instead add the above-mentioned tasty, healthy foods to lose belly fat to your diet. Combine these delicious slimming foods with a simple exercise plan and soon you’ll have the body of your dreams!

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