How to feel good at any age
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How To Feel Good At Any Age: Live The Life You Want!

Life is short, and you only get one crack at it! When viewed in this light, living life to its fullest becomes very important. It doesn’t matter if you’re 27 or 72, learn how to feel good at any age by being healthy through physical activity. Being active gives you a sense of confidence and well-being which combine to help you live the life you want!

There are many benefits to engaging in physical activity. Being active helps you to get fit, it strengthens your body, and helps you to lose weight. Physical wellness is also associated with mental wellness. It enables you to stay physically healthy and mentally alert as you get older. And that’s the secret on how to feel good at any age!

How To Feel Good At Any Age!

Feel good at any age

Want to know how to feel good at any age? The answer is to be physically active. As we age, we begin to lose our fitness, body strength, flexibility and our memory. But when you are physically active through movement and exercise, both your body and mind benefit.

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, running, biking and swimming, increase your heart rate. This means that your body pumps more oxygenated blood to your body and brain. More blood to your brain helps to improve your memory and your ability to learn.

Regular exercise increases the neurotransmitters in the brain. These help enhance your ability to process information and improve memory. Furthermore, being physically active improves moods, relieves stress, decreases depression and anxiety. Being physically active also helps you to sleep better!  

When you exercise regularly your body benefits. Your body gets stronger, looks fitter and helps you to lose stomach fat. A healthy, well toned body is more likely to turn heads at the beach. A healthy body gives you the ability to carry yourself with confidence at any age.  And it makes you feel great too!

For the last 4 years I’ve been working from home with my own online hobby business, so for me staying active is very important. I find that I feel energized and can concentrate on work better after my daily walk.

I aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps every day and use my Fitbit to keep track of my steps. The only other gear I need is my Nike walking shoes which support my feet perfectly as I walk.

What Are the Benefits Of Physical Activity?

Physical activity is the key to knowing how to feel good at any age. Wellness in body and mind helps you to live the life that you want. Physical activity means moving your body so that it uses up energy. This can be as simple as brisk walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, playing sports, gardening, or dancing to your heart’s content. 

There are many benefits to engaging in physical activity. This is especially true for people who want to get fit, lose weight, or stay healthy. Exercise improves your overall fitness. It strengthens your body, muscles, organs and bones. This helps to prevent injuries, diseases and cancers as you age.  

To live life to its fullest you need to be healthy in body and mind. This requires you to stay active through movement and exercise. You don’t have to exercise excessively to improve your health, you just need to be consistent!

In order get the benefits of physical activity you need to increase your heart rate. You also need to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Doing this will help you to maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen your body, muscles and bones.

There are countless benefits to engaging in physical activity! Being active:

  • Improves emotions.
  • Helps you manage your weight.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Improves heart and lung function.
  • Reduces blood cholesterol level.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces risk of chronic disease and cancers.
  • Strengthens bones, and muscles.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Improves brain health and memory.
  • Relieves stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Improves skin health.
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep quality.

With all the benefits of physical activity waiting for you, why wouldn’t you want to be active?

How To Feel Good At The Gym!

How to feel good at the gym

Leading a sedentary life results in poor health. Sitting for long periods can lead to compressed discs in your spine. Being inactive also puts you at risk of developing chronic heart problems, high blood pressure, cancers and other diseases as you age.

For good health at any age, it’s important to exercise on a regular basis. If your exercise routine is outdoors, protect your skin by wearing sunscreen. And don’t abandon your exercise routine when the weather turns bad. Consider going to the gym.

Some people feel intimidated when going to the gym. This can be due to reasons such as:

  • Feeling intimidated by gym users.
  • Not knowing where to find the equipment you need.
  • Being unsure about what to do, or how to do it.
  • Feeling hampered by the closeness of the cardio machines.
  • Comparing yourself to super fit people.

When you’re new to the gym all of the above insecurities can lead to gym anxiety. But stick with it as once your body starts moving and your blood starts pumping, you’ll feel better. When you engage in physical activity your body releases neurotransmitters which help reduce stress and you’ll soon forget your worries.

To further help you when going to the gym for the first time, you could:

  • Go with a friend.
  • Set up an orientation to get a proper gym induction.
  • Take a fitness or exercise class.
  • Engage a personal trainer.
  • Ask for gym advice on machines.
  • Visit the gym during off-peak hours.
  • Wear the right gear.

The gym isn’t just for fit people so don’t be intimidated by those around you. Remember that everyone starts out as a gym newbie. After a few visits you’ll won’t feel intimidated. You’ll know exactly what to do and where to find all the equipment you need!

Live The Life You Want

There are many benefits to engaging in physical activity. The most important is that it enables you to live the life you want. Good health in both mind and body is vital for a quality life. To maintain good health at any age you must exercise regularly.

Exercising needn’t be boring or a chore. The benefits of physical activity aren’t limited to sports and structured exercise programs. The trick to staying active is to find something you enjoy doing either on your own, or with other people. So, have fun, go dancing, join an exercise class, throw a frisbee, swim in the ocean, or participate in social sports.

You can make getting fit enjoyable by choosing a range of activities that appeal to you. To ensure that you stay motivated and stick with your exercise routine choose activities that suit your lifestyle, budget, and physical abilities. Most people are time poor, so be realistic about how much time you can commit to your exercise plan.

Exercising with other people may help you to increase your friendship circles. Your friendships can blossom as you motivate and encourage each other. The friendships you form by exercising with others may help enrich your life!

If you’re new to your neighborhood, find out if your local community offers opportunities to be active. Local activities might include; leisure centers, sports clubs, parks, walking trails, swimming pools, or exercise classes. Join in, and not only will you get fit, but you’ll get to know your neighbors at the same time.

Making a resolution to stay active is the easy part. Staying committed is the difficult part as motivation can wane. But if you do what makes you happy, everything else will fall into place! You’ll then continue to stay active and live the life you want!

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