The power of your subconscious mind
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Lose Weight With The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind!

Did you know that you are 5 times more likely to lose weight by using the power of your subconscious mind? The power of your subconscious mind is an astonishing force! It controls what you think of yourself and the world around you.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for your beliefs, and your image of yourself whether it’s good or bad. It controls what you believe you deserve from life, and the things that you think you can and can’t do.

You can take control of your unconscious mind and change yourself and your life for the better. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life and that includes succeeding at losing weight!

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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind makes up around 95% of your brain power. It carries out all the physical and cognitive roles your body needs to function properly. Your subconscious controls physical functions such as your heartbeat, hormones, breathing, digestion and so on.

Your subconscious mind is also responsible for cognitive activities such as thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, habits, attitudes and behaviors. Without you being aware of it, your subconscious directs the course of what you’ll achieve in life. The astonishing thing is that YOU can take control of the power of your subconscious mind and use it to live the life you want.

If you don’t take control, your subconscious will allow your negative emotions such as stress to ruin your life. It will ensure that behaviors such as binging continue so that you’ll find it difficult to lose weight. But when you take control of your subconscious mind, you’re 5 times more likely to succeed at losing weight!

Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to make some diet and lifestyle adjustments. But many women can’t lose weight regardless of how many diets they try. They can’t seem to stick with a diet for any length of time. And they can’t stop themselves from binging on comfort foods whenever they feel stressed.

These women believe that their failure to lose weight is due to a lack of willpower. They then beat themselves up over their failure. But not succeeding at losing weight is much more than a lack of willpower.

Your subconscious mind determines whether you succeed or fail based on your pent-up emotions! This is because your subconscious mind uses the power of negative emotions and low self-esteem to sabotage your weight loss efforts!

It’s not just your current emotions that effect whether you succeed or fail at losing weight. Old emotions, from some long-ago trauma may be what’s preventing you from reaching your ideal weight. This is because unresolved negative emotions lead to feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. When your self-esteem is low, you comfort yourself with food and the weight piles on!

Stress, Emotions And Food

Stress and unhealthy foods

There’s a very solid connection between strong emotions and weight gain. When people experience strong emotions, many will turn to food. Food can be used as a reward, for comfort, or as a punishment. This leads your subconscious mind to associate particular foods with certain emotions.

Food associations have been reinforced over many years. Many food and emotional associations have been passed onto you from your parents. For example, when you were young your parents may have rewarded you with some sweets if you were good. Or they may have comforted you with ice-cream whenever you scraped your knee.

As an adult, your friends may have cheered you up with sugar-loaded, fatty pastries when you’re feeling down. And you, yourself have probably “punished” yourself by stuffing your face with comforting foods such as French fries whenever you mess up. These food associations have become hard-wired within your subconscious mind. As a result, whenever your emotions overtake you, your unconsciously turns to these foods for comfort.

Losing weight requires a change in lifestyle and in mindset, which takes time, dedication and effort. In order to succeed at losing weight, you need to address any underlying issues that force you to eat. These issues could go as far back as your early childhood experiences. Examine your past for any bad experiences that you haven’t quite come to terms with. Then address these issues.

Solve problems by breaking big problems into smaller solvable problems. If these issues aren’t addressed, these experiences will continue to negatively impact on your health and your weight!

Power Of Negative Emotions

If you’re overweight, there’s a high possibility that negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, guilt, disappointment or frustration dwell within your subconscious mind. When diets seem to always fail you, it’s important for you to examine your psychology for negative emotions.

The power of negative emotions as a result of current or past issues is a huge source of stress on your body. These emotions activate your stress response system which impacts on your cortisol levels. Increased levels of cortisol lead to high blood sugar levels and an increase in insulin. Increased levels of insulin cause an increase in appetite or craving for unhealthy fatty and sugary foods. Overeating and binging on unhealthy foods lead to weight gain.  

To change your life for the better, you need to overcome the power of negative emotions and channel your fury into positive actions. Negative emotions might stem from your past or present relationships, family life, work life, social media, or other social interactions. To heal yourself, you need to acknowledge and release negative emotions, stress, hurts, concerns, and worries.

Negative emotions that aren’t released lead to negative self-talk and low self-esteem. Negative self-talk is when you constantly say negative things to yourself and put yourself down. If you regularly engage in negative self-talk, you probably also engage in food deprivation. Food deprivation is then followed by binge eating which results in weight gain.

If you continue with this course of action, you’ll continue to gain weight regardless of how many diets you try. To break the power your subconscious mind has over your weight, release your negative emotions. One way to release negative emotions by talking them through with someone you trust!

Release Your Emotions

Whenever you internalize negative emotions such as anger, fear, or disgust, your body becomes stressed. Emotions can become destructive if they aren’t dealt with appropriately. If you don’t release negative emotions, they’ll build up inside you. Your emotions can then blow up and set off inappropriate reactions to everyday situations.

The power of negative emotions inappropriately released can easily mess up your life and relationships with others. This will cause you to console yourself with unhealthy comfort foods. And that unwanted weight and abdominal fat will continue to stack on.

You can’t control the way you feel, but you CAN control how you react and deal with your emotions. If you internalise negative emotions, they can negatively impact on your health and destroy your life. But if you talk about them and focus on fixing problematic issues then you’ll minimise any negative effects.

There are several ways to talk out negative emotions. You can talk to a therapist. Therapists can help you to cope with feelings, help with solving problems and help you to change your behavior patterns. You can also talk to a trusted friend if you feel comfortable doing that.

On many occasions when problems are shared, solutions are found. If no solutions present themselves, try changing your attitude towards the problem. Make a conscious decision that your problems won’t cause you to stress. When you change your attitude, the stress that is caused by problems loses its hold over you.

If you aren’t comfortable talking to other people, write down your issues. You can write them down on paper, type them into your computer, or jot them into a daily journal. There are other techniques that can effectively help you to deal with past issues. You can get rid of negative pent-up emotions with techniques such as biofeedback, hypnotherapy, meditation, or by simply engaging in simple exercise!

Exercise Is A Mood Booster

Exercise boosts moods

When you are feeling down and out it’s easy to want to curl up in bed, or collapse on the couch. But making yourself get up and move is a much better option. Simple exercise such as brisk walking is a great stress reliever.The best thing about brisk walking is that anyone can do it; all you need is a good pair of walking shoes.

When you exercise your body releases endorphins. These chemicals boost your moods, reduces stress and generally make your feel better.

Exercise has many other health benefits. It helps you:

  • Control your weight
  • Improve your mental health and mood
  • Feel happier and more motivated
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease and cancers
  • Build up your muscles and bones
  • Improve brain health and memory
  • Manage blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Improve relaxation and sleep quality

Exercising is a positive step towards feeling better about yourself, both in your body and mind. Regular exercise helps you burn body fat! Exercising regularly helps you take positive steps towards successfully losing weight. Through exercise you can take control of the power your subconscious mind instead of letting it control you!

Regular exercise motivates you to be more positive about yourself and your life. It helps to increase your level of self-esteem. Exercise helps you to feel better within your body, mind and soul. You’ll not only feel great, but you’ll look great too!

Summing up

It’s infuriating when you want to improve your health by losing weight, but all your dieting attempts fail! What’s holding you back could be the power of pent-up negative emotions. These negative emotions sabotage your weight loss attempts by making you feel worthless.

It’s impossible to address weight problems if you don’t first address how you feel inside. If you want things to change, you need to make them happen! Use the power your subconscious mind so that it works for you, instead of against you. Take the time to examine and release the feelings of worthlessness by talking about issues that trouble you.

Regular exercise also helps you to feel good about yourself as it helps you to develop a positive attitude to life. A positive attitude and feelings of self-worth help you to want to take care of your body. Having a positive attitude combined with exercise and a healthy diet will enable you to lose weight. You’ll then succeed at losing weight and achieve the body that you desire!

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